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Great Tips for Valentines Day
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Check out these cute Valentine's Day tips for planned or last minute gift ideas.

Valentines Tips 1 Handmade Valentines Cards are a great way to show you care. You can use your favorite poem or song lyrics, or you can write your own poem.
Valentines Tips 2 Put together a scrapbook filled with mementoes of your time together. Items can include photographs, ticket stubs from movies and concerts, as well as keepsakes from places you have visited. With each item write a short paragraph explaining why that particular moment is so special.
Valentines Tips 3 If you can swing it - try a surprise lunch date! This can be hit or miss, but if you pull it off you will get extra points for being spontaneous!
Valentines Tips 4 There is no need to go out to eat when a home cooked meal can be just as romantic. Prepare your significant others favorite meal, choose a perfect wine, light some candles, place a vase of fresh flowers, and turn on some romantic music. It's the perfect way to have a romantic private meal for two without having to go out.
Valentines Tips 5 Plan some time together. You can book a getaway for the two of you, or you can keep it closer to home. You can both sign up for a class that teaches something you are both interested in, such as cooking, or dancing.

Valentines Day Hearts

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Valentines Tips 6 Breakfast in bed is a great way to start the day on Valentines Day. Getup early and take the time to make it extra special with heart shaped pancakes, or toast. Don't forget the love note and single rose to go along with the meal.
Valentines Tips 7 Instead of buying something for your Valentine, take the extra time to put together a homemade gift. You can make a candy jar filled with chocolate kisses, or personalized M&M's. You could also make a pretty planter and put plants in it. The possibilities are endless - and your loved one will appreciate the thought, creativity and energy that was put into it.
Valentines Tips 8 If you know that you want to do something big and extravagant for your Valentine, take the time to really plan ahead. Make sure that you have the money to do it, if it involves going out, make sure to have the reservations booked a long time in advance. If it involves tickets, make sure that you have gotten them.
Valentines Tips 9 Thinking of buying your Valentine flowers this year? If you want to save some money, order well in advance, or perhaps think outside the traditional red roses. Knowing what your Valentines favorite flower is might save you some money. For example if your Valentines favorite flower is a Daisy, why buy red roses…get the Daisy's! You can also purchase a live plant that will live for many years (provided its cared for) instead of just a few days.
Valentines Tips 10 Surprise your special someone with a small trip somewhere. It doesn't have to be something on a grand scale but can be something local and inexpensive. Try looking at interesting areas and attractions in your area such as a trip to a winery, a picnic in a nice park, an evening boat ride if you are near water, a night in a mountain cottage, etc. It shows that you are thoughtful for planning the little excursion that goes outside of your normal routine.
Valentines Tips 11 Rather than just buying her standard, stock item, try to find a Valentine's Day gift that can be personalized. Giving her a gift with her name engraved on it will be more meaningful because of the thought and time that went into finding it.
Valentines Tips 12 Surprise your wife by doing the house cleaning that week.
Valentines Tips 13 Another fun, inexpensive Valentine's Day gift is to create personal coupons that he or she can redeem at any time. These coupons can be for anything from doing a household chore to a massage to something more naughty.
Valentines Tips 14 Play a fun lover scavenger hunt with your valentine. Leave clues around for them to find that leads them to the next clue(s) and eventually to an ultimate prize like a romantic dinner at home or his/her favorite restaurant, a special event like a concert or show, or a romantic spot that holds a special place for you such as the place you had your first date, first kiss, etc. Try to make the clues fun and not too hard to figure out. You don't want your valentine getting frustrated and giving up before the end.
Valentines Tips 15 Take your Valentine to see a live show. Depending on his or her taste you can look for any live music, comedy, theatre, etc. show that is performing in the area.
Valentines Tips 16 Bed & breakfasts offer a unique mix of comfort and luxury. Moreover, plenty of B&Bs offer treats like wine tours and nature walks. If you’re looking to underscore the romance in a relationship, a getaway is the way to do it -- and you will definitely sweep a romantic partner off their feet with a local romantic trip.
Valentines Tips 17 Make a mix tape/ play list of songs that remind you of your lover and give it to them as a gift. It worked in high school and it will still WOW them now.
Valentines Tips 18 Give the man in your life a personalized gift for his favorite hobby such as personalized golf or tennis balls that say, “I love you,” “You’re a hit!” or “Be mine,” or a monogrammed humidor for cigars.

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